Set in the 21st Century on Planet Earth, CONTACT is a full-blown science fiction role-playing game that brings it all to the table:

Alien terror, tactical battles, espionage and investigation, advanced research and development, compelling stories; a vivid portrayal of a future bristling with thrilling perils and dark secrets.

When engaged in a game of CONTACT, you take on the roles of dedicated OMEGA operatives. Your player characters may be soldiers, agents, engineers or scientists, with detailed background stories and lots of personal quirks, traits, and ambitions. Naturally, there is also the possibility of playing more exotic characters, such as cyborgs, advanced Artificial Intelligences, or even the occasional alien ally.

Your duty is to stand firm between a menacing UFO armada and the survival of mankind, fulfilling your mission by any means necessary, yet no one can even know you exist.


CONTACT comes with its own custom point-based action combat mechanics, and uses percentile dice for most in-game resolutions. More in-depth game mechanics are handled in a modular fashion so that the game can be kept to a minimum amount of complexity for casual gamers. Advanced players will enjoy the added blend of comprehensive strategy and simulation elements such as research and development.


CONTACT is currently available digitally at DriveThruRPG.

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